Close Your Door

An animated PSA to spread the fire-safety message “Close Your Door” for UL.  Animation by Team Spaceman and Paper Brain Productions. “It sounds like a little thing, but it could save your life in a fire...

Paper Brain’s Animation on Arts InSight PBS

Each week, Arts InSight covers the myriad aspects of the performing and visual arts both locally and nationally. This week, the program will air a segment about animations made at my animation boutique Paper Brain. I got...

Season 2 of Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street

October 30th promises us tithings of great joy- new episodes of Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street!  The kids are really growing up this season, with all the triumphs and heart-ache of becoming an adult.  Chec...

Sunnova. Go Solar. Save Money.

It’s always sunny when you’re saving money… that’s what you’ll learn when you spend a little time over at I had the pleasure of working with Rivet and Acme Fish to make this fun...

Brandon Ray Animation Reel 2015

All visuals from 2009-2015 animated by myself. This reel does not include my animation for Amazon Studios/Picrow, Imperial Sugar, Valero/Corner Store, and various other commercial clients. “Bad Bad Man” by Ru...
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Arts InSight on PBS - Paper Brain
From the "Welcome to Houston" stop motion animation. Image courtesy of the GHVCB.
Brandon Ray in front of the Repurposing Cyclical City