Nine to Five Ned now streaming online

Today I’m publicly releasing a short Paper Brain Productions animation Lisa and I originally made for our kids… but they ended up writing its ending. It’s animated in a hybrid of 2d/3d stop motion paper craft, with a cartoon modern character design. It’s Nine to Five Ned, just another day in the life of a daydreamer named Ned, viewed through a paper craft lens (safe for kids, aside from some potty humor).

Special thanks to everyone who supported the film while on its film festival tour this past year, and for all the contributing artists that made cardboard buildings for the city scenes-  Janiece RivasDarwin ArevaloRodney Flores, and Robert Mozell… also, a special thanks to the Houston Arts Alliance for funding the creation of the city (it was part of PODA 2015). Also thanks to Three Chain Links for making a musical track so happy I want to get up and jazzercise every time I hear it.

And thanks to my boy Bleu for the brilliant declaration that the ending (*spoiler alert*) needs dinosaurs.