“Close Your Door” Animation Exceeds 1.25 Million Views

Just in time for Fire Prevention Month, Paper Brain teamed up with the LA-based animation company Team Spaceman, along with Tongal, Genuine, and safety giants UL, to create this animated music video with a critical message… and luckily, it spread like wild fire (bad pun, I know… but I couldn’t resist!).  “Close Your Door” got 1.2 million Facebook views on its first week of public release, leading thousands to check out UL’s website “closeyourdoor.org” and make the pledge to keep their doors closed at night.

Paper Brain’s role in the production was to fabricate all the sets, props, and some of the characters (like the talking houses), and then bring the worlds to life with stop-motion animation.  We also made the ‘paper-craft fire’ flames with the intention of them being animated in a three-dimensional space, which took a lot of planning and coordination with Team Spaceman, who was simultaneously bringing all the hand-drawn characters to life with frame-by-frame animation in Toon Boom Harmony.

For two different companies to work together remotely at the same time, pre-production was absolutely crucial.  We used Storyboard Pro to make a detailed animatic, so we knew what camera angles the sets and characters would be viewed from for every single shot.  And all parties (Tongal, Genuine, and UL) got to weigh in on vision, giving valuable feedback before the more time-intensive animation processes had begun.  We were also working with a musician in Canada, and Storyboard Pro conveniently allowed us to easily delete an entire scene after a verse was cut from the song, without needing to change the labels on the storyboard frames.  The storyboard and animatic ended up being our blueprint, and both production companies worked through our separate processes to create one unified vision.

I’m glad we helped UL share a potentially life-saving message with so many viewers.  And Paper Brain thoroughly enjoyed working remotely alongside Team Spaceman from across the country.  Even when combining two completely different animation styles, collaborations can be seamless with the right tools!