New Animation in Music Videos

While we’ve been making animation for kids programs on Disney and HBO over the past few months, we’ve also collaborated with a couple musicians on some music videos (making animations, in contrast, that are not for kids). 

In “Still love h.e.r.” Bobby Feeno (Arian Foster) details his rendition of the recording artist Common’s hit song “I used to love h.e.r.” where he anthropomorphizes hip hop into a woman he still loves. The video’s director Isaac Yowman of IYO Visuals was super chill to work with, and it was a pleasure helping him bring his creative vision for the song to life, which blends live action with stop-motion paper craft animation (the world needs more paper-craft stop-mo animation in hip-hop videos…).

Who is Bobby Feeno? Here’s an interview with Billboard where Arian Foster talks about the album “Flamingo and Koval”-

Bonny Feeno’s album Flamingo & Koval is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Music.

“Alberta” by Leon III is a beautiful song.  Leon III’s whole album is fantastic.  You can read about it in this Wide Open Country article, and get the album here.  I really connected with a lot in this one, and the animation’s narrative parallels with the inspiration for Andy Stepanian and Mason Brent’s song and lyrics.