Animations by Brandon Ray

Animations by Brandon Ray

Animator and Media Creator from Houston, TX

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Spring Collection 2023 by the Howler Brothers

Paper Brain is helping spread the word about the Spring 2023 Collection from the Howler Brothers by bringing their lifestyle photos and artwork to life with paper stop-motion animation. This is the Howler Brother’s deepest collection to date, and we’re in the process of making ten unique promos with them. It’s[…]

Howler Brothers “Irie Paradise”

It’s a pretty cool feeling to work with a brand that you’d actually buy and support, even if you weren’t working with them. That’s how I feel about the clothing company Howler Brothers. They’ve got a chill vibe like dub reggae playing at

Animation for Season 51 of Sesame Street

Uploaded with permission from the Sesame Workshop. “M is for Matching” aired in Season 51 of Sesame Street on the episode titled “Match It!” The score was done by composer Gregory Pepper. As a side note, this is the first film I’ve made with Sesame Street where both my kids,[…]

Animation for Season 50 of Sesame Street

Uploaded with permission from the Sesame Workshop. For Sesame Street’s 50th anniversary season, Paper Brain made a digital paper and cardboard film with the Sesame Workshop to help young kids count to eleven with different sport balls. “Eleven Balls” aired in Season 50 of Sesame Street on the episode titled[…]

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Internship Positions

Paper Brain is now reviewing candidates for two remote internship positions. Applicants are being considered based on their portfolio and concentration of interest. To apply, email links to relevant work along with a brief write up on what you hope to gain from an internship. Selected candidates will be[…]

New Animation in Music Videos

While we’ve been making animation for kids programs on Disney and HBO over the past few months, we’ve also collaborated with a couple

Telly Award

Telly Ho! Our Sesame Street letter film

Animations on Sesame Street

When I decided I was going full-time with this animation thing and Paper Brain about 4 years ago, I drafted an animator’s bucket list in my head… and one of the big points on the list was to make an animation for Sesame Street. I’m proud to say we’ve gotten[…]