How to blend stop motion paper craft animation with digital techniques- this tutorial shows you how I make a paper flower bloom.  Destruction is easier than creation, so tear something apart and reverse the speed to bring it to life.

I also describe the process of making a paper-based animated music video from start to finish here in a Creator Q&A I did for Vimeo:


Below is a paper puppet tutorial. You can make an HD animation with your phone’s video camera, Adobe After Effects (or other keying software), and a green piece of poster board. That’s all you need! How to Make Paper Animation (explained in 90 seconds).

Here’s a step by step tutorial I made for ae.tutsplus.com about 5 years ago on how to create digital paper craft that looks like a stop motion technique:



For the kids out there… where’s a good place to start learning animation? I can show you how to make an animated film, side by side with me, in one hour.

These are all the paper animation tutorials I’ve been able to post until now. Let me know if you’ve got any questions about paper craft animation, construction paper animation, stop motion paper animation, or paper puppetry! ~Bray