Animation Internship Program with Paper Brain Productions – 2022 Selections, Anya Samukova

The animation company I work for, Paper Brain Productions, just recently selected two interns for the 2022 year.  Many talented animators and illustrators from around the world shared their portfolios with the little Houston paper stop-motion animation boutique, and I had the pleasure of seeing them all, and chatting with many of them.  With such a fantastic turnout of applicants on the first year of launching the internship program, I’m excited to see what next year has in store for us!  But enough about next year… let’s introduce our 2022 interns.  First we have Anya Samukova, a Russian-American illustrator rep’d by the T2 Agency.  Her concentration is in children’s book illustrations, but Anya has also directed a short animated film, and is currently doing background design and layout for a Paper Brain project.  We highly recommend you follow her on Instagram @samukovaart– she’s always posting new characters and illustrations like the one pictured above. Anya’s great to work with, and we’re excited to see what she makes next!  Check out her website and bio page here: