Howler Brothers “Irie Paradise”

It’s a pretty cool feeling to work with a brand that you’d actually buy and support, even if you weren’t working with them. That’s how I feel about the clothing company Howler Brothers. They’ve got a chill vibe like dub reggae playing at a West Texas night. Wearing their threads feels like riding some waves with Kris Kristofferson and Shel Silverstein. Even if it’s not quite who I am, it’s certainly who I’d like to be [insert smiley face emoji here].

For this social media spot, I got to animate the artwork from their “Irie Paradise” collection. As quoted from their website, “Greetings from Irie Paradise – a heavenly tropical paradise featured all over our “Spring 2022 Collection. It’s not just a pattern, it’s also a state of mind. Start feeling it now.”